About Us

About Us

My name is Zoe Ukemenam, I am the founder of Kutivz Kollection, a Beauty and fashion brand. My degree is a masters in Pharmacy, however my joy and love is for beauty and fashion. So much so, I have been in the hair and makeup industry for over 15 years. Between working in salons in London and private clients then working with MaryKay, my passion grew beyond the one off client.

Combining my brain and my passion I started this brand and from there, formulated this Cosmetic Line. This line is particularly designed for the everyday woman, the powerhouse boss, the stay at home mum, the new to make up novice and the well skilled expert. Simply put, it's for everyone. Whilst inclusive of all skin types, this brand started with darker skin tones in mind. Catering to our shades, skin type and behaviours, which was still lacking immensely in the industry.

Our full range is vegan friendly, cruelty free and paraben Free. Clean beauty is our goal.

I grew up with super women role models. True women that could do it ALL and have it all. Women who did 9 to 5's, had 3 kids and a husband and still looked fabulous doing it. I was inspired and aspired to be like them, mainly the looking fabulous part. Behind that blended foundation and red lippy there was so much going on but the outsider, one could never see the flaws.

The inspiration wasn't about being perfect, it was about the dopamine endomorphins that Hair and makeup gives us to take on the world. 

As a result our mission is for each person to use our products to Look, Feel and be the BEST version of YOU.

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